Why LONG socks rule


If you thought that long socks were something that were part of your school uniform or what you were given post-surgery in hospital you’re 2x parts right and 1x part wrong.

Once the domain of school uniforms, beige post surgery attire and apparel to reduce the threat of deep vein thrombosis whilst flying, long socks are oh-so-much more than that.


I was introduced to the joys of the optical illusion of leg lengtheners some six years ago in the US. And I’ve been a convert ever since.

Not only do my legs look longer (who doesn’t like the idea of that???) but the socks I was given were not only good looking but legit compression socks.

Move over boring-ass looking beige or black and hello to a rainbow of colours, contrasts, pattern, many with a heart on the side.

Best of all they are your secret weapon to avoiding #cankles when flying. Yes, these idols of sock goodness come with 20-30 mmHg of true graduated compression. These are not just good looking compression socks, but the real deal as well as has been proven as they have taken many a wearer to PRs, obstacle race victories and the like.


To check out what the long sock fuss is all about, check out my favourites from Running Skirts here

USES: Running, recovery, flying, travel, Ostacle Course Racing, anytime you need a good looking long sock

PROS: Adding some funk, fashion and fun to what has been a fairly boring, functional category of running apparel.

CONS: You will have to be ok with your making your legs looking longer (and better!). You may not be able to stop at only one pair and may soon be adding socks to the list of items in your running wardrobe that need to be coordinated and matched.

PRICE: US: $39.00 although watch out for specials and multi-pair offers which the Running Skirts fairies are famous for.





Annabel Anderson

As a child Annabel grew up quintessentially Kiwi. Running around barefoot in the hills, riding horses, getting muddy and not having a care in the world. It was a childhood filled with everything from ballet to tennis, athletics, skiing, water skiing, horse riding, basketball, netball, hockey, athletics and the like, always with a burning desire & dream to be the best she could at whatever she did. Talent did not necessarily come naturally, but hard work & determination did. At high school it was a juggling act between horses, tennis, athletics & ski racing until it all came to a crushing halt when her left leg shattered in a skiing accident. Dogged determination and the desire to get back to fulfilling her dream of being an international athlete burned strong. 11 months later, another training accident, this time her right knee. With the prospect of skiing well off the radar and a bike for rehabilitation all her energy soon became diverted into triathlon, but time and time again, her body gave out when she needed it most and she was left to pick up the pieces. As university came to a close and a corporate career reluctantly beckoned, the dream to have adventures and do what she loved still burned strong. It would take a redundancy, the global financial crises and moving from New Zealand to the other side of the world to give her the confidence to re-awaken that dream, the dream of striving to be one of the best in the world at something. What had been a source of serenity and calmness in a city of speed & stress has now become the vehicle to realizing that once forgotten dream. A chance decision to attend the Jever Stand Up Paddling World Cup in Germany provided the key to open a door to a secret passage she could never have imagined. In the space of little over a year, this secret passage has taken her all over the world through Europe, North America, Asia and the South Pacific, reconnecting her with New Zealand en route. That long forgotten dream is becoming a reality, touring the world, sharing it with other people. Never give up on your dreams, you never know when you will find them sitting just around the corner. You just have to look and you might just find what you have been searching for. Annabel is regarded as a world leader in the Stand Up Paddle Community. Currently ranked World No.2 and European Champ, she divides her time between traveling the world circuit, coaching clients the world over and her native homeland New Zealand where she is committed to furthering the sport.

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