Salty Sweaty Chic The Style File for everything active.

From the gym to the trails, the mountains to the ocean – Salty Sweaty Chic brings you the latest and greatest of everything you need and everything you didn’t know you did.

From all the gear and to what to wear,  must-have tech and the gadgets you need, Salty Sweaty Chic is your go-to source for info and inspiration.

Uncovering the gear and the places you want to be using it – the Salty Sweaty Sista-hood brings you the insider’s guide straight from the finger tips of the girls in the know who are out there blazing trails and pitting gear at it’s most extreme, all to give you the inside word on what’s hot ….and what you need. 

Salty Sweaty Chic is all about everything you need to get out the door running, pushing pedals, surfing, hiking, paddling, bending, flexing, charging down mountains and basking in your salty sweaty glow.

Born out of need

The brain child of multiple world champion athlete and self confessed endorphin, junkie Annabel Anderson, Salty Sweaty Chic was an idea that bugged her to the point that she had to do something about it.

Having spent a lifetime in lycra across a list of sports and activities the length of your arm, this is a girl who demands   form and function as well as fashion and fit when it comes to what to wear, accessories, equipment, gadgets and more.

Many years, too many laps of the globe and thousands of hours spent plying her trades across oceans, surf breaks, up and down mountains, in the saddle, the studio and on the trails has necessitated the need for gear for that stands up to the mark to get the job done.

Seeing the need for no-bullshit, straight up information and recommendations from people that actually use things for their intended purpose, welcome to Salty Sweaty Chic.

What products and services fit the Salty Sweaty life?

Salty Sweaty Chic is all about uncovering and discovering gems of kit we simply shouldn’t live without.

They might be niche, they might be well known, they might be budget, they might be designed for something completely different, or the ultimate hack – but we’ve found they are the best for something completely different. It’s like a secret gear guide that you can’t like with out.

If you think you’ve got something that might pass the Salty Sweaty stress-test?

We’re always open to submissions for products to review, places to visit and services that we needed to now about yesterday so GET IN TOUCH if you think you’ve got something we simply shouldn’t live without.

Need Help?

At Salty Sweaty Chic we’re passionate about not only letting our sisterhood know about kick ass gear, we’re also nut bar crazy about helping brands make the best gear, kit, accessories and paraphernalia humanely possible.

Contact us to be sent all the information about the Other Services we have in our bag of tricks including:

  • market research
  • product development
  • market entry
  • social media services
  • content creation
  • PR
  • communications services
  • copy writing
  • sponsorship
  • events
  • pricing and more.